Fidelity Gurantee

This insurance policy indemnifies the insured for financial losses sustained by due to Forgery, Embezzlement, Larceny and/or Fraudulent conversion committed by the insured's employees (as named in the policy schedule), entrusted with money and/or property.

  • POLICIES can be issued as under:-

    • • Named Individual Employee – Limit of Indemnity as agreed.
    • • Group of Employees – Named Employees for Limit of Indemnity specified against each.
    • • Floater or Floating Policy – Covers all employees on Employer’s roll upto a specified limit of annual indemnity for acts committed by anyone or all employees during the Policy Period (Employees may not be named).
  • Employer shall maintain and shall not change the systems of control, checking, reconciliation or accuracy of accounts and stocks dealt with by the employee.

  • Relationship of employee and employer must exist.

  • Upon discovery of any of the acts giving rise to a claim, the indemnity in respect of that particular employee shall come to an end.

  • Policies are issued for a determined geographical limit agreed for the places of employment.