Public Liability

  • This Policy covers the liability toward third parties due to:

    1. 1. Incidental body injuries (fatal or non fatal) occurred to any person (provided that no one of the members of the insured family is working with him or providing services to him at the time of accident occurrence).
    2. 2. Direct incidental damage caused to properties (provided that these properties shall not be owned by, under the receivership or supervision of the insured or any person working with him or the insured or such person is working thereto).
    3. 3. The coverage includes the financial and body damages caused to the public and the company is responsible there for.
  • Some of the Exclusions are as below:

    1. 1. The insured’s profession or business or
    2. 2. Liability toward Workmen
    3. 3. Product Liability
    4. 4. Liability assumed by the Insured by agreement unless such liability would have attached to the Insured notwithstanding such agreement.

Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, Kuwait

Chief Agent : Bader Al Mulla & Brothers Company W.L.L